Company & Factory

The  ValueBright  brand of Chip On Board Light Emitting Diodes (  ) is one of the first registered LED's in the GCC. Our technology provides a far more superior level of brightness as well as efficiency all of that while producing a high powered LED with the full range of wavelengths available in the LED market today. Our goal was to provide a high fidelity product by both reducing costs of materials and providing our customers with a brighter, more energy efficient LED.

ValueBright's use of better material, precision design to increase brightness, dissipate heat, higher power, has lead us in producing the newer generation of the markets LED technology, which is . Our approach and product implementation has allowed us to reduce all direct costs to our customers that impact the adoption of the Value Bright LED in all commercial industry sectors of the market as well as the private residential areas in our market footprint in the GCC and the far east.

ValueBright's overseas factory currently employs an international team of 87 highly motivated and skilled personnel (as of the 4th quarter of 2014). We have very talented German subject matter experts (SME's) working in several critical areas of the lighting designengineering stages and in other products distribution and quality assurance. Our SME's work in unison providing oversight of all products by sampling and testing, design prerequisites regarding safety and functionality of our products. We focus on two specific areas of the emerging market sectors of the Global LED technology. Our business manager from the United States has implemented a very successful business model for Value Bright solutions for the commercial and industrial environments as well.

We further provide a more energy efficient LED with higher levels of brightness, better efficiencies and a recyclable product that is backed by our warranty program. An objective of value bright is to remove the concerns of our customers by providing the best brand available to them.

Our strategy is to provide you with ValueBright's commitment to excellence" in the market with your business and families in mind.